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9.1 External Monitors

StumpWM will attempt to detect external monitors (via xdpyinfo) at startup. StumpWM refers to each monitor as a head. Heads are logically contained by screens. In a dual-monitor configuration, there will be one screen with two heads. Non-rectangular layouts are supported (frames will not be created in the ’dead zone’.) And message windows will be displayed on the current head–that is, the head to which the currently focused frame belongs.

In addition, StumpWM listens for XRandR events and re-configures the heads to match the new monitor configuration. Occasionally StumpWM will miss an XRandR event, use refresh-heads to synchronize the head configuration.

Command: refresh-heads &optional (screen (current-screen))

Refresh screens in case a monitor was connected, but a ConfigureNotify event was snarfed by another program.

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