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10. Interacting With Unix

Command: run-shell-command cmd &optional collect-output-p

Run the specified shell command. If collect-output-p is T then run the command synchonously and collect the output. Be careful. If the shell command doesn’t return, it will hang StumpWM. In such a case, kill the shell command to resume StumpWM.

Function: programs-in-path &optional full-path (path (split-string (getenv PATH) :))

Return a list of programs in the path. If full-path is t then return the full path, otherwise just return the filename. path is by default the PATH evironment variable but can be specified. It should be a string containing each directory seperated by a colon.

Function: pathname-is-executable-p pathname

Return T if the pathname describes an executable file.

Variable: *shell-program*

The shell program used by run-shell-command.

Function: getenv var

Return the value of the environment variable.

Function: (setf getenv) val var

Set the value of the environment variable, var to val.

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