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13.1 Behind The Scenes Look At Colors

Color indexes are stored in *colors* as a list. The default list of colors leave 2 slots for the user to choose. If you’d like to use ‘Papaya Whip’ and ‘Dark Golden Rod 3’ you might eval the following:

(setf *colors* (append *colors*
                       (list "PapayaWhip"
(update-color-map (current-screen))

Of course, you can change all the colors if you like.

Function: parse-color-string string

Parse a color-coded string into a list of strings and color modifiers

Function: uncolorify string

Remove any color markup in STRING

Variable: *colors*

Eight colors by default. You can redefine these to whatever you like and then call (update-color-map).

Function: update-color-map screen

Read *colors* and cache their pixel colors for use when rendering colored text.

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