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8.1 Customizing Groups

Variable: *group-formatters*

An alist of characters and formatter functions. The character can be used as a format character in *group-format*. When the character is encountered in the string, the corresponding function is called with a group as an argument. The functions return value is inserted into the string. If the return value isn’t a string it is converted to one using prin1-to-string.

Variable: *group-format*

The format string that decides what information will show up in the group listing. The following format options are available:


Substitutes the group number translated via *group-number-map*, if there are more windows than *group-number-map* then will use the group-number.


The group’s status. Similar to a window’s status.


The group’s name.

Function: current-group &optional (screen (current-screen))

Return the current group for the current screen, unless otherwise specified.

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