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5.5 Rule Based Window Placement

Macro: define-frame-preference target-group &rest frame-rules

Create a rule that matches windows and automatically places them in a specified group and frame. Each frame rule is a lambda list:

(frame-number raise lock &key create restore dump-name class instance type role title)

The frame number to send matching windows to


When non-nil, raise and focus the window in its frame


When this is nil, this rule will only match when the current group matches target-group. When non-nil, this rule matches regardless of the group and the window is sent to target-group. If lock and raise are both non-nil, then stumpwm will jump to the specified group and focus the matched window.


When non-NIL the group is created and eventually restored when the value of create is a group dump filename in *DATA-DIR*. Defaults to NIL.


When non-NIL the group is restored even if it already exists. This arg should be set to the dump filename to use for forced restore. Defaults to NIL


The window’s class must match class.


The window’s instance/resource name must match instance.


The window’s type must match type.


The window’s role must match role.


The window’s title must match title.

Function: clear-window-placement-rules

Clear all window placement rules.

Command: remember lock title

Make a generic placement rule for the current window. Might be too specific/not specific enough!

Command: forget

Forget the window placement rule that matches the current window.

Command: dump-window-placement-rules file

Dump *window-placement-rules* to FILE.

Command: restore-window-placement-rules file

Restore *window-placement-rules* from FILE.

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