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5.3 Controlling Raise And Map Requests

It is sometimes handy to deny a window’s request to be focused. The following variables determine such behavior.

A map request occurs when a new or withdrawn window requests to be mapped for the first time.

A raise request occurs when a client asks the window manager to give an existing window focus.

Variable: *deny-map-request*

A list of window properties that stumpwm should deny matching windows’ requests to become mapped for the first time.

Variable: *deny-raise-request*

Exactly the same as *deny-map-request* but for raise requests.

Note that no denial message is displayed if the window is already visible.

Variable: *suppress-deny-messages*

For complete focus on the task at hand, set this to T and no raise/map denial messages will be seen.

Some examples follow.

;; Deny the firefox window from taking focus when clicked upon.
(push '(:class "gecko") stumpwm:*deny-raise-request*)

;; Deny all map requests
(setf stumpwm:*deny-map-request* t)

;; Deny transient raise requests
(push '(:transient) stumpwm:*deny-map-request*)

;; Deny the all windows in the xterm class from taking focus.
(push '(:class "Xterm") stumpwm:*deny-raise-request*)

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