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1.3.3 Floating Group Basics

Within a floating group, windows behave more like they do in traditional window managers: rather than being arranged into frames, they each have their own box, which can be freely resized and repositioned, and allowed to overlap. Each window has a thicker border at the top. Left click in this border and drag to move the window, or right click and drag to resize it.

A modifier key can be used to perform the move and resize operations by clicking in the window itself instead of on its top border. The default modifier is super, and can be configured with *float-window-modifier*.

Variable: *float-window-modifier*

The keyboard modifier to use for resize and move floating windows without clicking on the top border. Valid values are :META :ALT :HYPER :SUPER, :ALTGR and :NUMLOCK.

Most of the window-switching commands listed below do not function in a floating group. You’re restricted to ‘other’, the ‘select-window-*’ commands, and ‘windowlist’.

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