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1.1 Starting StumpWM

There are a number of ways to start StumpWM but the most straight forward method is as follows. This assumes you have a copy of the StumpWM source code and are using the ‘SBCL’ Common Lisp environment.

  1. Install the prerequisites and build StumpWM as described in ‘README’. This should give you a ‘stumpwm’ executable.
  2. In your ‘~/.xinitrc’ file include the line /path/to/stumpwm. Remember to replace ‘/path/to/’ with the actual path.
  3. Finally, start X windows with startx. Cross your fingers. You should see a ‘Welcome To the Stump Window Manager’ message pop up in the upper, right corner. At this point, you have successfully started StumpWM.
Function: stumpwm &optional display-str

Default Values:

  display-str  (or (stumpwm:getenv "DISPLAY") ":0")

Start the stump window manager.

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