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Command and Function Index

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Index Entry Section

(setf getenv)11. Interacting With Unix

act-on-matching-windows5.6 Window Selection Expressions
add-group8. Groups
add-hook15. Hooks
add-screen-mode-line-formatter7. The Mode Line
add-to-load-path16. Modules
argument-line-end-p13. Miscellaneous Commands
argument-pop13. Miscellaneous Commands
argument-pop-rest13. Miscellaneous Commands

balance-frames6. Frames
banish13. Miscellaneous Commands
bar7. The Mode Line
bar-zone-color7. The Mode Line
bind2.2 Binding Keys

cancel-timer13.6 Timers
class-re-p5.6 Window Selection Expressions
classed-p5.6 Window Selection Expressions
clear-window-marks5.1 Window Marks
clear-window-placement-rules5.5 Rule Based Window Placement
colon4. Message and Input Bar
command-menu13.2 Menus
command-mode13. Miscellaneous Commands
commands13. Miscellaneous Commands
completing-read4.4 Programming the Input Bar
copy-last-message4.3 Programming The Message Bar
copy-unhandled-error13. Miscellaneous Commands
curframe6. Frames
current-group8.1 Customizing Groups
current-screen9.2 Programming With Screens
current-window9.2 Programming With Screens

data-dir-file13.3 StumpWM’s Data Directory
defcommand13. Miscellaneous Commands
defcommand-alias13. Miscellaneous Commands
define-frame-preference5.5 Rule Based Window Placement
define-interactive-keymap13. Miscellaneous Commands
define-key2.2 Binding Keys
define-remapped-keys2.4 Remapped Keys
define-stumpwm-command13. Miscellaneous Commands
define-stumpwm-type13. Miscellaneous Commands
define-window-slot5.4 Programming With Windows
defprogram-shortcut13. Miscellaneous Commands
delete-window5. Windows
describe-command13.7 Getting Help
describe-function13.7 Getting Help
describe-key13.7 Getting Help
describe-variable13.7 Getting Help
dump-desktop-to-file6.2 Frame Dumping
dump-group-to-file6.2 Frame Dumping
dump-screen-to-file6.2 Frame Dumping
dump-window-placement-rules5.5 Rule Based Window Placement

echo4. Message and Input Bar
echo-date13. Miscellaneous Commands
echo-frame-windows6. Frames
echo-string4.3 Programming The Message Bar
echo-windows5. Windows
emacs13. Miscellaneous Commands
enable-mode-line7. The Mode Line
err4. Message and Input Bar
eval-line13. Miscellaneous Commands
exchange-direction6. Frames
expose6. Frames

fclear6. Frames
find-module16. Modules
flatten-floats5. Windows
float-this5. Windows
fnext6. Frames
focus-window13. Miscellaneous Commands
forget5.5 Rule Based Window Placement
fother6. Frames
fprev6. Frames
frame-windowlist6. Frames
fselect6. Frames
fullscreen5. Windows

get-x-selection12. Interacting With X11
getenv11. Interacting With Unix
getsel13. Miscellaneous Commands
gkill8. Groups
gkill-other8. Groups
gmerge8. Groups
gmove8. Groups
gmove-and-follow8. Groups
gmove-marked8. Groups
gnew8. Groups
gnew-float8. Groups
gnewbg8. Groups
gnewbg-float8. Groups
gnext8. Groups
gnext-with-window8. Groups
gother8. Groups
gprev8. Groups
gprev-with-window8. Groups
grab-pointer2.2 Binding Keys
gravity5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
gravity-coords13. Miscellaneous Commands
grename8. Groups
group-add-head8. Groups
group-add-window8. Groups
group-button-press8. Groups
group-current-head8. Groups
group-current-window8. Groups
group-delete-window8. Groups
group-focus-window8. Groups
group-indicate-focus8. Groups
group-lost-focus8. Groups
group-move-request8. Groups
group-raise-request8. Groups
group-remove-head8. Groups
group-resize-head8. Groups
group-resize-request8. Groups
group-root-exposure8. Groups
group-startup8. Groups
group-suspend8. Groups
group-sync-all-heads8. Groups
group-sync-head8. Groups
group-wake-up8. Groups
grouped-p5.6 Window Selection Expressions
grouplist8. Groups
groups8. Groups
gselect8. Groups

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