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1.5 Interacting with the Lisp process

Since StumpWM is a Lisp program, there is a way for you to evaluate Lisp code directly, on the same Lisp process that StumpWM is running on. Type C-t : and an input box will appear. Then type some Lisp expression.

When you call eval this way, you will be in the STUMPWM-USER package, which imports all the exported symbols from the main STUMPWM package.


Reads the value of *mode-line-border-width*.

(setf *mode-line-border-width* 3)

Sets the variable *mode-line-border-width* to 3.

(set-prefix-key (kbd "C-M-H-s-z"))

Calls the set-prefix-key function (and sets a new keyboard prefix)

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