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Command and Function Index: Q – W

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Index Entry Section

quit12. Miscellaneous Commands

ratclick12. Miscellaneous Commands
ratrelwarp12. Miscellaneous Commands
ratwarp12. Miscellaneous Commands
read-one-char4.4 Programming the Input Bar
read-one-line4.4 Programming the Input Bar
redirect-all-output12.3 Debugging StumpWM
redisplay5. Windows
refresh5. Windows
reload12. Miscellaneous Commands
remember5.5 Rule Based Window Placement
remove-hook14. Hooks
remove-split6. Frames
renumber5. Windows
resize6. Frames
restart-hard12. Miscellaneous Commands
restart-soft12. Miscellaneous Commands
restarts-menu12. Miscellaneous Commands
restore-from-file6.2 Frame Dumping
restore-window-placement-rules5.5 Rule Based Window Placement
run-commands12. Miscellaneous Commands
run-or-pull12. Miscellaneous Commands
run-or-raise12. Miscellaneous Commands
run-shell-command10. Interacting With Unix
run-with-timer12.4 Timers

screen-current-window9.2 Programming With Screens
select-window5. Windows
select-window-by-number5. Windows
set-bg-color4.1 Customizing The Bar
set-border-color4.1 Customizing The Bar
set-fg-color4.1 Customizing The Bar
set-float-focus-color5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-float-unfocus-color5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-focus-color5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-font4.1 Customizing The Bar
set-maxsize-gravity5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-msg-border-width4.1 Customizing The Bar
set-normal-gravity5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-prefix-key2.2 Binding Keys
set-transient-gravity5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-unfocus-color5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-win-bg-color5.2 Customizing Window Appearance
set-x-selection11. Interacting With X11
sibling6. Frames
snext9. Screens
sother9. Screens
sprev9. Screens

timer-p12.4 Timers
title5. Windows
toggle-mode-line7. The Mode Line

uncolorify13.1 Behind The Scenes Look At Colors
undefine-key2.2 Binding Keys
update-color-map13.1 Behind The Scenes Look At Colors

vgroups8. Groups
vsplit6. Frames

where-is12.5 Getting Help
window-send-string5.4 Programming With Windows
window-send-string12. Miscellaneous Commands
windowlist5. Windows
with-data-file12.2 StumpWM’s Data Directory
with-restarts-menu12. Miscellaneous Commands

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